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How to get more social engagement by just utilising time

Social media is the key to targeting a large number of your audience, but could you be missing the mark by simply posting at the wrong time? 

The times when your target demographic are online vary depending on industry and which platform you are using. We have summarised findings from a guide by CoSchedule to help you get the most our of your social accounts. Groups and social account categories covered include B2C and B2B businesses, software businesses, healthcare businesses, media companies and higher education.


Facebook is a mobile and desktop platform used both at work and at home meaning it is used at differently by each audience. 

For most businesses, no matter the industry, primes posting times are 9am-10am, and 3pm-5pm. B2C, healthcare, media, and higher education accounts can also benefit from making a post around midday. Media also have a peak of attention at 6pm.

The best days to post are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Instagram is meant for mobile use which results in the platform being used regularly at any location. 

For all businesses exlcuding higher education, there is a peak between 11am-1pm, the lunchtime rush. For B2C, healthcare, and media companies there is a prime time of posting early morning, between 8am-10am. 

Post between 5pm-9pm will benefit B2C and B2B businesses, software businesses, and higher education. 

The best day to post on your business Instagram account is Friday.


Twitter is the dark horse of social media. It is often treated as a scroll and read source for a lot of people needing a break from things at work or while commuting. 

Afternoon activity yeilds pretty low results, but all businesses would benefit from a morning post between 8am-10am, extending through to 12pm for B2C and B2B businesses, and media. 

A second spike of engagement for twitter is from 5-9pm, with an outlier of 10pm for media companies. 

Twitter posts are best made on Saturday and Sunday for B2C businesses and Monday-Friday for B2B businesses.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and the time of use reflect this, with most user being active during work hours. 

8am-12pm is prime time for all social account engagement, apart from B2C businesses which only peaks at 12pm.

Healthcare has an afternoon spike of engagemnt from 12pm-2pm, while B2B businesses and software businesses have an additional high point between 5pm-6pm.

To get the most out of your LinkedIn account, make your social posts on Wednesdays. 


The relaxing scrolls of Pinterest happen mostly during users quiet time rather than office hours. Active engagement occurs mostly between 8pm-11pm and again at 2am-4am. 

To utilise this information, ensure you are consistent with the times you are posting and use the platforms that work best for your audience. 

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