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Domino’s goes gold for Valentine’s Day

Domino’s has pulled out all the stops to ensure a dough-mantic experience for Valentine’s Day. Who could have foreseen the cheese factor involved with a Domino’s engagement ring?

Domino’s has designed a one of a kind engagement ring worth over $9,200. The out-of-the- box ring features an 18-carat yellow and white gold base. The cheese decorations are made out of diamonds and the pepperoni is made from rubies.

Fun events like this in hospitality and retail draw major attention to a brand and helps unite the community that support it. Domino’s chief marketing officer ANZ, Allan Collins, says pizza has a unique ability to bring people together.

“How many great love stories have started over a slice? How many awkward dates have been saved by the arrival of the pizza delivery? Pizza is made to be shared with the ones we love.” 

Applicants have to submit a 30 second video describing how they would get their partner to say ‘I dough’. I sure know that I would not say no to the opportunity of flexing just by having a nine thousand dollar novelty pizza ring. 

Entries close midnight 12 February 2020. To enter head to the Dominos Pizza Proposal website.

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