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Read it again: Best of The Register’s staff management stories

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Our ‘Retail rogues’ story from 2015 is an oldie but a goodie. In it, Jai Brietnauer identified five main types of tricky employee, and asked a panel of experts how to get the best out of them. 

Retail rogues: Training difficult employees.

Retail rogues: A rogues’ gallery.

This column about how a staff member copes with obsessive-compulsive disorder will give managers an insight into how team members with mental health issues can successfully contribute, and here’s some guidance on attracting more Maori and Pasifika staff into your team.

We loved the way Auckland resale store Tatty’s centred its beautiful staff in a campaign during 2018. Lush did the same, with a Pride twist, and Merchant 1948 also put its staff front and centre the previous year.

Lastly, here’s some solid advice on supporting your staff. Keep an eye on their wellbeing while it’s busy this festive season – if they’re not happy, they won’t be putting their best foot forward for your brand.

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