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Read it again: Best of The Register’s customer-wrangling stories

We’re sharing The Register’s top stories over the festive season. Today, those of you working through the break can find a collection of helpful articles focused on customer services.

It’s tough out there in the apparel sector. Here’s how Amber Whitecliffe was able to retain her online store after closing the physical shopfront thanks to the support of loyal customers.

Here’s some insight from The Register’s 2018 independent research into which sales techniques work. Consumer perceptions are that sales staff need to lift their game, but there’s some heartwarming feedback too.

And here’s the second part of that research, which looked into how retailers train their customer-facing staff.

How do you apply great customer services skills online? Xero’s Nigel Piper advises.

Data-driven Ponsonby retailer The Open Book explains just how valuable high-spending customers are, in detail.

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