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Christmas casuals: A guide to looking after your seasonal staff

Christmas for retailers is a hectic time of year. Retail staff are often run off of their feet, but you can ease some of the pressure by hiring Christmas casual staff. Here’s how to make them feel welcome.

Christmas casual staff means more hands on deck, which often results in a better customer experience, tidier stores and more sales. 

While they are incredibly helpful, seasonal workers often need to be trained as, for many, it’s their first job. This can be equally as daunting for the employee and the employer – your store may be their point of entry into a lifelong career.

Here’s our top tips for looking after your Christmas casual staff this year.


Having patience with your new staff members is essential. They are still learning an entirely new role so there will be mistakes made. Being polite and offering help when you can see them struggling is key to building a good relationship with your employee.

Be inclusive

There is nothing worse than being left out. Most Christmas casual staff join the team in November so it’s a bit quieter when they are in training. This means they are going to be a part of the team when the Christmas celebrations start. Be sure to include your new casual staff into these activities too so they feel important and truly a part of the team.

Positive reinforcement 

To ultimately feel accepted as a part of the workplace, positive reinforcement plays a big part. Letting your staff know when they are doing well, what aspects of their performance you really enjoy, or anything else that makes you happy to have them onboard. Positively reinforcing your staff has shown to have great benefits for your business and your staff.

The ultimate way to make your seasonal staff worthwhile is to ensure that they feel safe, comfortable and valued. This way they will feel good about working for you and you’ll reap the benefits of their hard work in sales and customer satisfaction.

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