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Black Friday – The results are in

Black Friday

Black Friday 2019 was predicted to be the biggest sales event of its kind since the tradition was introduced to New Zealand around 11 years ago. So how did retailers do?

Paymark says $253 million was spent on Black Friday, making it the runner up for busiest day of 2019, falling below Easter Thursday. 

Paymark figures show a 28.7 percent increase in the number of transactions in comparison to a usual Friday. 

With sales online beginning earlier than usual, some starting as early as the Wednesday prior to the actual sale date, retailers were swamped with orders from consumers desperate to get the best deals before they sold out. 

PriceSpy data shows that online traffic on the Thursday before grew by 19 percent.

Paymark also shared that the sales started earlier and ended later, with a lot of retailers having an extended Black Friday weekend sale. 

The Black Friday time frame of Friday-Sunday saw $652 million dollars spent, with $267.8 million of that just in the Auckland and Northland region according to Paymark.

Mighty Ape released sales to the public Thursday afternoon and between 9-10pm the same day, one product was ordered every 1.5 seconds. 

Mighty Ape were on their 11th year of Black Friday and they broke their own records of most sales in one day, Friday November 29, and most orders shipped in a single day, Monday December 2. 

The online shopping giant planned ahead for the surge of orders by extending their usual 10-hour day to 16 hours and adding extra staff to the roster. 

NZ Post prepared by adding more planes, trucks, vans and staff to help with the increased demand.  

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