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Gem Retail Hotlist: Good Form articulates the concept store

Good Form won the ‘Hottest concept store’ award at our Gem Retail Hotlist 2019. We looked at what made it such a special example.

Good Form sits as a separately-branded ‘shop within a shop’ at Ponsonby mid-century modern furniture store, Mr Bigglesworthy. It’s based on an insight borne out of Mr Bigglesworthy’s six years in business: Some of the companies that made the restored vintage imports it sells are still in business, and customers want to buy their design-focused, modern pieces as well as the retro items.

So in 2017, a corner of the Mr Bigglesworthy showroom was transformed into ‘the pavilion’ for Good Form. It sells modern furniture, lighting and homewares from local and international brands like Ercol, Warm Nordic, Oblure, Tomado, Dilana and Gidon Bing. Each item sold has been handpicked for its design and enduring craftsmanship.

Bing, who is best known as a sculptor and ceramicist, has a unique relationship with Good Form. Owners Dan and Emma Eagle engaged him for its fit-out instead of a retail shopfitter or architect, asking him to create something “simple, elegant and linear”. The finished fit-out would need to be attractive while not outshining the products, and avoid clashing with the furniture’s various styles.

Bing says he views interior work as an extension of his long-standing interest in carpentry, and looked to art gallery spaces for inspiration. 

The result is a modular, multifunctional area that’s delineated from Mr Bigglesworthy without being cut off. It’s a roofless space flanked by a bank of modular wheeled seating and plywood-panelled walls.

Dan Eagle said the original plan had been to use the pavilion as a space for Emma to work on their business, but the completed structure was so intriguing that customers couldn’t resist coming in to get a closer look. 

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail issue 764 October/November 2019.

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