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Me|today pairing skincare and supplements launches

Consumers are often highly engaged with the brand that produces their skincare products, but less so when it comes to supplements. The idea behind me|today, a start-up selling paired product in both categories, is to leverage that engagement.

Me|today launched this week. It offers women’s daily and ‘protect’ skincare and a core range of supplements. Its point of difference is the linkages between the two ranges – ingredients from the Women’s Daily multivitamin supplement have also been included in the Women’s Daily skincare range, and the Protect skincare range contains a blend from the Protect immunity supplement.

Co-founder Michael Kerr says the concept was “developed in my head many years ago” but created this year, with stock hitting stores last week.

Kerr agrees skincare and supplements are “busy” categories, but says this doesn’t deter him: “I don’t know too many segments in pharmacy that aren’t saturated.”

The products are all made in New Zealand, with local and imported ingredients going into the supplements. Kerr, who has previously worked with other brands in the natural skincare space, such as Swisse and Trilogy, says he was interested in applying this logic to supplements as well.

A further differentiating point is the packaging design. Kerr has noticed the supplement category can be quite hard to shop, so the me|today range is designed to look clean and modern.

In an increasingly squeezed retail environment, Kerr says, shoppers can’t always be sure of assistance from staff, so products on the shelf need to speak for themselves.

“It has to work, but it also looks beautiful and it’s easy to shop,” Kerr says. “If shoppers are put off because it’s too hard, we’re trying to take that barrier away.”

All going well, me|today will cover off new segments and then go into new territory with product development. Kerr hints that there’s some “neat innovations” coming into the range from mid-2020.

Me|today is currently launching into New Zealand only. The team has spoken with some Australian retailers, but Kerr says it’s early days yet.

“We’d hate to leverage too far and wide straight away,” he says. “We’ve got to get it right here.”

Me|today is stocked in Green Cross Health pharmacies, with close to 100 stores on board so far. Kerr’s marketing brand concept, The Good Brand Company, is working its way around the country also.

“It’s happening pretty quickly, which is great,” Kerr says

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