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Kathmandu’s Rip Curl acquisition means senior management changes

Kathmandu completed its acquisition of surfwear brand Rip Curl at the end of last month. It’s also announced a series of changes to its senior management team.

Kathmandu chief executive Xavier Simonet will continue as group CEO of the business, which now includes Rip Curl. 

Chris Kinraid will continue as group chief financial officer, and his oversight will now include the Rip Curl business.

Kathmandu’s former chief operating officer, Reuben Casey, has now been appointed CEO of the Kathmandu business, and Rip Curl’s existing chief executive, Michael Daly, will continue as CEO of the Rip Curl business.

Speaking of Casey’s appointment, Simonet says: “Reuben has been a key contributor to the success of Kathmandu over the last few years. I congratulate him on his promotion and I wish him all the very best success as Chief Executive Officer of Kathmandu”. 

Pictured: Reuben Casey 

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