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Allbirds launches two homages to “the drunkest bird in New Zealand”

Every year, New Zealanders embark on a light-hearted mock election to choose the Bird of the Year. The campaign trail is filled with spirited rivalry from each bird’s campaign mananger and bird trivia flourishes. For the second year in a row, sneaker company Allbirds has partnered with organiser Forest & Bird to launch a limited collection of shoes inspired by Bird of the Year.

At the top of the Bird of the Year pecking order in 2018 was the gluttonous kererū. The large pigeon is known for its fondness for fermented berries, and Allbirds describes it as “the drunkest bird in New Zealand”.

The Allbirds design team has come up with two kererū-inspired shoe designs: The “Sober Kererū”, seen in the Tree Runner style and the “Tipsy Kererū” in the Tree Topper style. 

“Partnering with an organisation that is similarly dedicated to a more sustainable future is important for Allbirds and they are excited to be continuing the relationship,” says Allbirds founder Tim Brown.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the Sober Kererū and Tipsy Kererū shoe will be donated to Forest & Bird in support of their work. Voting for Bird of the Year 2019 will open on Monday 28th October and close on Sunday 10thNovember.

The shoes are extremely limited edition, last year selling out in just two weeks. 

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