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Zoe & Morgan talk music

Q: What is the best thing about running a retail space?


Our customers are definitely the best part about running our retail spaces, we never know who is going to walk through our doors, and who’s going to walk out feeling amazing wearing a piece of our handmade jewellery.

Our retail stores are boutique and individual, breaking away from the traditional retail format by having our workspace and shop combined. This means our customers get to meet us personally, and makes the front and back end of our business more transparent, more personal.

Q: What is the most challenging thing about running a retail space?


It’s hard to even think of the challenges, as we enjoy what we do. With our busy workspace and retail store combined this can sometimes mean our paperwork can fall behind, as we love to chat with our customers and share interesting stories. 

Q: How important is the online component of your business?


Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a huge growth in our website traffic and online sales. Having an online retail store makes it easy for our customers to browse and shop online. Through the site we’ve been able to reach customers not only in New Zealand, but in Australasia, America, Asia and more! 

Our Instagram and Facebook channels have been a great way to connect with our customers on a personal level, we love being able to answer a question quickly via direct message. Also, being able to see customers engaging with our jewellery on our posts is so rewarding, seeing what they love and would like to see more of.


Q: In the mix of things that make up Zoe & Morgan, how important is music?


Music is a really important part of the retail experience we give our customers and our workspace, it can set the mood of the day. To create a nice retail environment, the sensory aspects are really important. Good music, welcoming energy and an uplifting scent are things we prioritise.

Have you noticed differences in customer behaviour in relation to the music you are playing?


Absolutely. We especially see a difference with the volume of the music. During a sale event we like to play upbeat music at a higher volume than our usual day to day level. This works well with the busyness and excitement, it creates a fun vibe and atmosphere in the store for our customers. We’ve noticed that if a customer is trying something on and they love it, they often do a little dance in the mirror to the beat – we love this.

Do you play different music at different times of the day?


We like to start our mornings with something fun and cruisy from Ali Farka Toure, in the afternoons we normally listen to something more upbeat, like playlists from our friends at Zoot Music or Christopher Tubbs on Soundcloud. Bobby Brazuka is also a great selector.

What are three artists or bands you are excited about at the moment?


It’s hard to keep it to just three. Some of our favourite locals are Aldous Harding, Marlon Williams, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Leisure. 

Zoe & Morgan hold a OneMusic licence, granting them the legal permission they need to play music in a business setting, and helping to ensure that music creators are fairly paid for the work they produce. 

To learn more about music licensing for your retail store visit onemusicnz.com, or visit zoeandmorgan.com to check out Zoe & Morgan’s beautiful jewellery.

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