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Connect to the masses with the AfterYAY Sale

There have been many businesses in our retail community that have seen the quick growth that Afterpay can boast. The buy now pay later platform became instantly adoptable across our consumer landscape, and has continued to grow as the budget friendly option becomes even more popular, especially with Millennials. 

Now the innovative payment platform is proving it is a lot more than just that and is actually a mecca for Millennial shoppers, which brands are reaping the benefits through increased sales, new audience, conversion and basket sizes. One of the ways they support merchants is through the bi-annual two day sale event, otherwise known as the AfterYAY Sale where they provide one of the best buying opportunities for consumers to connect with their favourite and new retailers. 

The Afterpay Sale has continued to see success, as the platform alongside its retail partners across ANZ taps into a growing customer base by offering a huge sale with our iconic Kiwi brands. 

Now in its fourth year, last years’ sale recorded a 112 percent increase in value of sales for participating retailers compared to the previous week as well as a 57 percent growth in the average number of daily transactions, says Sally Marsden, B2B Marketing Director of Afterpay. 

“We had over a 72 percen tincrease in referrals to participating retailer websites from our shop directory, and over a 133 percent uplift in traffic to our shop directory website,” she says.” 

The sale came about in 2017 shortly after Afterpay celebrated its one millionth customer. Marsden says along with the sale providing amazing deals for those customers and exposing them to new brands, retailers are also promoted via Afterpay’s expansive channels. 

“We promote retailer brands via our owned channels, earned channels, ATL paid media, and engage with more than 2.7 million customers across Australia and New Zealand,” Marsden says.“The last Afterpay sale recorded a 133 percent increase in website traffic in New Zealand.”

The Afterpay Sale, also affectionately known as Afterbae Day and AfterYAY Sale, is a chance for consumers to connect with new brands alongside house favourites such as Kathmandu, Hallensteins, Glassons, Platypus, Boohoo, and Stirling Sports.

“The beauty of a campaign such as the AfterYAY Sale is that it connects potential customers to all retailers as customers come to the Afterpay store directory to shop the sale. Through that they may see a product from a retailer they may not have considered in the past,” she says. “Therefore connecting retailers with new customers.”

Retailers can benefit largely from these sales, as Afterpay offers a way to pay that is familiar and trusted, as well as appealing to our more budget friendly consumers. Marsden comments that customers feel, “more in control, customers are empowered to manage their budget because of the simplicity, ease, and pleasure of the Afterpay experience.”

The Afterpay Sale, this year on August 14-15, is working towards making sure all retailers are involved with the opportunity to present themselves to a large customer base, says Marsden.

“We are investing significantly in ATL marketing to boost online conversions and in-store sales. We want our merchant partners to make the most of our marketing efforts to ensure that Afterpay customers see us everywhere during the campaign period. Creating a customer/retailer community is really important to us as we want to provide great value to our customers, bring new customers and drive incremental sales to our retailers. It’s a win win for everyone.”

Afterpay is now accepting submissions from its 27,000+ retail partners for the next sale. With expectations placed way above the success of the previous years’ sales.

To find out more and or involved with the Afterpay Sale, visit: www.afterpay.co.nz

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