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Macpac has created an online megastore

New Zealand outdoor equipment retailer Macpac found its website wasn’t keeping up with its $10 million plus international expansion, so it’s invested in a new site which introduces new content, accessibility and a frictionless experience.

The new site has resulted in a 20 percent increase in sessions and a 12 percent increase in conversions. 

Mark Jagger, Macpac’s ecommerce and digital marketing manager, says the three key new areas included loyalty integration with its Macpac Club; a handy trip planner which suppliers users with local weather warnings, packing list and an outdoor safety guide; and the Macpac Adventure Hub, which introduces new products and brands into the ecosystem.

“The way in which Macpac’s promotions are managed within the cart in terms of cart calls has reduced cart abandons by speeding up the cart almost threefold,” Jagger says. “Previously heavy cart-calls were being made creating huge friction in the basket and checkout whilst the promotions were being calculated.”

The checkout process has been completely redesigned for ease of order completion, with fields now populated dynamically from previous pages. Payment details are now stored securely for frictionless payments.

Site speed is also “dramatically up”, and the mobile-first design has correspondingly raised conversion rates. 

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