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The Athlete’s Foot digitises fittings with MyFit3D

Swiss-owned global footwear chain The Athlete’s Foot has introduced a new piece of in-store technology called MyFit3D which digitises the fitting process. The technology will be rolled out at all stores across New Zealand.

MyFit3D is a digital version of an existing fitting tool, MyFit. It allows customers to view a 3D render of their feet, together with a video of their gait and pressure points, to find the perfect fit. 

It will be operated in-store by ‘fit experts’ who have been trained in MyFit3D’s use. 

After being assessed using the MyFit3D equipment, customers are identified as needing either ‘control’ footwear which addresses particular problems, or ‘neutral’ footwear. 

The Athlete’s Foot St Lukes store manager Seung Song says fitting was formerly performed using manual ‘brannocks’ – a sliding device which measures feet. Separate brannocks for men’s, women’s and kids’ feet were kept on hand for this purpose.

She says introduction of MyFit3D means these tools have been replaced by a single eye-catching device which draws customers into the store and provides them with an engaging novelty: “Most people haven’t really seen how they walk.”

“It’s brought in much more traffic,” Song says. “People usually think there’s a cost but there’s no cost, it’s all part of the service. Even if you don’t buy shoes, we still offer it to you.”

Some customers take photos or videos of the results so they can store it for later. In the future, The Athlete’s Foot plans to allow customers to use a code to access their results.

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