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New Label Insights: Introducing Loclaire

Frances Lowe of conscious womenswear label Loclaire debuted her collection on 19 July 2019. She describes the Loclaire  customer as kind, curious, and strong; it’s less of an age, and more a mindset. 

Lowe’s collection focuses on modern tailoring, with feminine details and a streetwear edge. She wants her pieces to be relevant, wearable, and good quality in 10 years from now, a common theme when talking to other Kiwi designers. 

Loclaire’s debut collection is sold online, as well as in Lineage in Auckland, and Ena in Wellington. Lowe says that as a new brand, having a physical presence for Loclaire helps to get the brand out there to customers. Shopping Loclaire in brick and mortar is also a valuable customer experience; beautiful and environmentally friendly fabrics are at the heart of Loclaire’s designs. 


We asked Lowe about her plans for any future physical spaces. She says it has to be the right time, and done in a beautiful way, so that customers can receive a whole brand experience. 

Loclaire’s customers and followers are also catered to in the digital world. Keeping followers engaged and excited is important to Lowe, and she is regularly tweaking her eCommerce store to see its effects on engagement. Her dedication to the customer experience is apparent from the knowledge she shares about caring for Loclaire garments – something that any conscious consumer will appreciate. 

Lowe has an impressive background in fashion, working for six years at Ruby before moving to Shanghai in 2016 where she was a product developer at H&M. Keeping up with the sheer scale and pace in a city of 26 million led Lowe to rethink the lifestyle she was living, including packaging, waste, and purchasing habits. 

We ask Lowe about producing clothes in New Zealand, and she says it’s a small but resilient industry made up of passionate people. Manufacturing-wise, Lowe says to be kind, communicative and have great foresight – “problems always arise during production and it helps if you can know your product inside out and be one step ahead”. 

Authenticity and adhering to brand values are at the forefront of what Lowe does, as well as ensuring an impeccable experience for customers. It’s a wise way of thinking and something for all retailers to keep in mind.  



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