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Walk Ethical: The new way to commit to providing a better workplace

Walk Ethical stemmed from a growing need for employers to offer an ethical working environment, and from consumers increasing demand that ethical businesses become the norm. Walk Ethical provides training, networks and mentorship to help employers at any point in their ethical journey. 

ThaiAnh Cooper, founder of Walk Ethical, says the program which was launched in May of this year came about due to the demand for ethical practices and a general lack of support on how to get there. 

“ I understand the word ‘Ethical’ is a jarring and sometimes scary word to navigate for businesses…one of the first questions I get is ‘What is the programme about, and why should I be doing it?’. I always liken the programme and compare it to living a healthy lifestyle to prevent health issues instead of ignoring the symptoms and then dealing with acute illness that costs a lot of time, money and emotional energy to resolve. I know its not generally the priority, but being ethical and doing the best by your people in business has quickly shifted up the ladder of priority for successful businesses at a rapid rate”

“In a nutshell, we help businesses understand their employer obligations, at a very affordable cost so they can pledge their commitment to upholding those standards.” 

The Walk Ethical accreditation promotes businesses who are dedicated to good, while also promoting them as top places to work for employees and potential employees As Cooper notes, “with unemployment rate at its lowest, employees themselves are also picky with where they work these days. With many options to consider they can afford to be picky about who they work for.” 

Walk Ethical is a chance for employers to stand out in a  crowd by showing their commitment and dedication to their people. The opportunity for businesses starts with a simple online learning program, to which upon passing, a pledge is made for the business to  continue to work and uphold ethical people practices within their business.  

As well as promoting new accredited businesses across Walk Ethical’s growing social channels, the programme provides updated learnings on training obligations, legislation changes, best practice, and access to a likeminded community. 

One such company with the accreditation is The Cookie Project, founded by Eric Chuah and Graeme Haddon, the cookie catering business was started as a way to provide jobs for people with disabilities. 

Chuah said of the pledge that overall it is the right thing to do, and the easy process was a good compact way to find out what they were doing right, and how they could do better.  

“We feel very humbled and very honoured to have this accreditation, but most importantly, we feel so much more empowered now after going through the process. It has opened our eyes too to some of the gaps we had in our social enterprise.” 

Thai-Anh Cooper reiterates that becoming an ethical employer is a smart way to get in front of the new breed of conscious consumer. 

“If you think about what we are heading to as a nation, we’re heading into the ethical mindset. People are becoming much more aware of where they do business. What we want to be doing is encouraging customers where they can support the best practises.”

Starting your Walk Ethical journey is easy. Walk Ethical is offering the first five NZ Retailers the opportunity to be a Walk Ethical accredited employer from only $199 per annum. This is normally valued from $599 per annum. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Get in touch with the Walk Ethical team at; www.walkethical.co.nz and start your Walk Ethical journey now. 

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