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Kiwi manufacturing cements itself on home shores with latest acquisition

New Zealand based manufacturing has seen success as Cactus Outdoor, a Kiwi owned manufacturing brand, has acquired Albion Clothing Limited. The two manufacture companies will combine to create some of the most used and robust clothing supplied in New Zealand.

Starting in 1977, Albion Clothing Limited is one of the few remaining large-scale apparel manufactures. Now with the acquisition by Cactus, the two can continue to keep a focus largely on manufacturing on our Kiwi shores.

Cactus is known as the Kiwi brand that manufactures the worlds toughest workwear and outdoor products, which means now the two will be able to combine to feed into the growth of demand for locally and ethically made apparel.

A perfect match, as alongside Cactus’ tough workwear offering, Albion is known for its supply to equally tough customers in the NZ Defence Force, NZ Police and Fire and Emergency. This was a drawcard for the acquisition, as Albion has contracts to supply these organisations and similar ones overseas and is one of the few remaining large-scale apparel manufactures in New Zealand.

Rather than a traditional model, however, Cactus has a vision of a modern, automated and connected facility that combines the best aspects of hand-made, artisanal products with the benefits that technology can bring. A recently installed robotic fabric cutter is an example of this, allowing for quicker, more efficient and safer cutting.

Cactus, which was founded 1993, has been a staunch advocate for maintaining local manufacturing says majority shareholder and director of Cactus Outdoor, Ben Kepes.

“We have always believed that market trends, technological developments and a consumer focus on provenance means that a brand can successfully retain domestic manufacturing. This acquisition gives Cactus the scope to scale its own operation, and we are also proud to offer contract manufacturing services to other brands that want to offer their own customers a locally sourced, ethically produced and high-quality product.”

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