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Past the typical: Well Hung Butchery

Well Hung Butchery came to Spaceworks, a retail fit out design and implementation specialist, with the goal to create an experience that would match the luxury of the product they sold; fine crafted aged meats. Lizzi Whaley, CEO of Spaceworks, says the fit out reflects the goal.

“I guess it’s on par with the theory that the retail environment should match the quality and the value of the product. It was important to them that the fit out matched their premium product.”

At first glance, the butchery is a modern, inviting looking space. With the premium craft displayed in a way where the customer can be part of the journey.

“In terms of a typical butchery, it was totally not the norm,” says Whaley. “The counter really is only a location for packaging and that’s it. At normal butchers you’re separated from it all, here it’s more of a side by side transaction. It’s taking away that over the counter traditional form and making it a lot more friendly.”

The way the Milford butchers was designed means the products are enhanced to include the customer on more of the journey, unlike standard butchers where the majority of the process until purchase is hidden away.

“The nontraditional counters are a trend we’ve see recognised overseas and implemented here. One thing we’ve seen trending is being able to see all parts of the business, and that glass room out the back provides that.”

“Particularly for people when it comes to products and food, people do like to know where it comes from. And they do like to see things being prepared, and it is just part of the journey really. It’s almost like when you go to a restaurant and the food is cooked in front of your face, it has similar theatrics to that. It makes it more engaging when you get involved like that.”

The glass screen which looks back into the crafting area of the butchery means customers are connected with their purchase from choosing, cutting, and purchasing. Every design aspect has been enhanced for the space, including even the fridges as a point of interest.

“The client was really set on tiles,” says Whaley. “So, we took inspiration from the fridges and we wanted to have a good display, so we developed it around that. You can see there is that preparation area behind the glass, for both safety and it brings the theatrics of retail to life, and that was a really big part of that space.”

The classic butcher’s subway tile is seen throughout the fit out, with darker fittings juxtaposing the lightness they bring to the space. Marble flooring brings in a popular trend of the season, while wall decals and a specialty viewing window makes the space its own.

“They definitely wanted to take butchery to the next level, they wanted to make it more of a delicacy. There is a new trend of people not wanting to eat meat every day of the week, so when you do go and buy it, it has to be something special. So, they’re bringing the luxury and the glamour back to those sophisticated cuts of meat.”

Whaley comments that although the fit out and overall design are key to enhancing the business, importance is also placed on how the space is continuously run. Praising Well Hung’s educated and engaged staff.

“We were thrilled with the product, every time you go in there it looks and feels amazing. But past that they’re just so friendly. They have amazing people in there. Retailers can live and die by the staff they have in the store, and the staff that man the shop know so much about the product and you can tell they’re really engaged.”

She stresses the importance of engagement to solidify a good customer base, and although she says a well-designed space can bring people in, it’s the staff that ultimately keep them there.

“There is always going to be choice around for customers, so if you’re going to try create loyalty or a strong brand, it’s got to stand out, and that’s what they really wanted to do.”

Well Hung Butchery utilized Spaceworks to help create a cohesiveness between a premium product and a premium store design. The teams worked closely together to create a unique environment which supported the product and the customers wanted to be closer involved in what they were buying.

“The store should be like a gallery background, one that either supports or enhances the product allowing it to be the hero. What we’ve done is enhance the product which in turn enhances the environment.”

“We made sure that the retail fit out really spoke volumes and supported the product,” says Whaley. “The look and feel in there is fantastic, but it doesn’t over take from the product, its very on par with what is on offer and communicates the end message of what they’re trying to deliver.”

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