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Queenstown to welcome in luxury car dealership

Hot on the heels of Queenstown’s growing tourism numbers, the city is now readying to welcome in its first luxury car retailer, catering to a growth in luxury international travellers and residents.  

The number of visitors in the area last year was numbered at over 3.3 million, while full time residents sit at just under 27,000.

Visitors arrived last year to participate in tourist activities of walk tracks, view mountains, ski, bungee jump, play golf, drink wine, eat, party and attend conferences. It remains the top voted holiday destination of the South Island.

According to the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s report on sustaining tourism which was released in March 2018, the current annual spend of international visitors coming to New Zealand because of Queenstown, sit between $988–$1,100 million for the year 2017-2018.

Spending is high in the area, increasingly now Queenstown is being utilised as an automotive showcase destination for corporate executives, and the development of a base in the area will see this expand further.

Queenstown victors and locals now have access to Jaguar Land Rover NZ, the areas first premium SUV dealership. The target demographic along with the area’s wealthier residents, is international visitors who have residence there.

Jaguar Land Rover NZ general manager Steve Kenchington says Queenstown is one of the fastest growing towns in the country and like many other areas around New Zealand, the upward trend in property values has had a positive impact on demand for premium vehicles.

“Over the past couple of years Queenstown has had some of the nation’s highest property prices – which is one of the key economic variables which underpins demand for premium SUVs.

“Unprecedented rates of tourism growth and off-shore holiday home ownership trends have also helped provide a strong foundation for new vehicle sales,” he says.

The move to Queenstown was not a impulsive step, with the region being reviewed and considered for its seasonal conditions and diverse topography in the area.

Kenchington says the dealership will be constructed to the latest Jaguar Land Rover architecture standards with a yet to be agreed lease term and a future right to purchase may be given to the successful operator.

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