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Explore the June / July issue of NZ Retail

We’ve just sent the June / July issue of NZ Retail to readers. We’re continuing to innovate, rolling out a new design identity and a refreshed editorial outlook.

The ‘Big issues issue’ contains exciting new editorial features such as ‘Thinking visually’, ‘Beyond NZ Retail’ and more insight into our fabulous contributors. However, it retains your favourite feature formats, with full-length articles on:

Your guide to the big issues in retail

What retailers don’t know can turn into a big issue if they’re not ahead of the game. Luckily, Massey University’s Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS), has just completed its third annual survey, Big Issues in Retail 2018. Courtney Devereux has curated four key insights from the survey that will equip retailers for what’s to come.  

The Retail NZ Summit and SME Forum

New Zealand’s leading retail trade organization, Retail NZ, works year-round to assist its members with retail advice, benefits, industry intel and education. This July it’s going above and beyond to offer the Retail NZ Summit and SME forum, plus the awards.

How will automation change retail?

By now, we’re all familiar with the headlines announcing robots are coming for everyone’s jobs. Does that really mean retail jobs too? If so, which? And how will this affect the wider retail landscape? Rachel Helyer Donaldson finds out more.

Next week we’re taking this story off the page and into the world with another NZ Retail breakfast, sponsored by Latitude Financial Services. You’ll find tickets here if you’d like to join us.                         

Merge like a zip

Mergers have a bad name, often connected to cronyism, monopolies and redundancies – but done well a good merger can reignite an ailing business. Jai Breitnauer takes a look.

How treating pets as people is driving a retail boom

Demographic changes have shifted the way New Zealanders treat their companion animals. Kiwi shoppers increasingly want to treat their fur babies to a human-like level of consumer goods indulgence, and specialist retailers have eagerly sprung up to service these pampered pets. Jenni Ling explores what pet retail looks like in the age of humanisation. 

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