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The new Apple Mac is out, good thing I have a spare 35k to spend

Apple’s products likely lead the way in design, but the point they seem to get across each release is that they also lead the way in price.

I don’t know who, or why, someone would need to spend upwards of USD$30,000 on desktop computer. The latest release of the Apple Mac is a more reasonable $6,000, yet they have failed to mention to the cost of the full spectrum desktop version.

Luckily, tech moguls within the industry have created a ballpark figure for the equivalent parts. They speculate that “$33,720.88 is likely the bare minimum” cost of a fully kitted-out Mac Pro. And their calculation doesn’t include GPUs or a Pro Display XDR screen, which could push the cost north of $50,000.

It is most likely assumed by Apple that those willing to drop that much on a desktop will be heavily into design, not just a standard buyer looking to answer emails and download The Sims.

Yet I think the industry can agree that anywhere near $30,000 is a hefty amount for a single electronic device. Not to mention Apple has historically charged more for its pre-built configurations than it costs a user to build their own.

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