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Ticket-IT: Simplifying the ticketing process for all retailers

“Ticket-IT, In-store POP ticketing. Simplified.” But what does that mean? How can such a simple to use piece of software save such a large amount of time?

Ticket-IT was built as a solution for a single client. They wanted more consistency, more control, and more confidence. What developed from this solution was the revolutionary product we now know as Ticket-IT.

Built in 2013, the Ticket-IT software was theorised by Chris Graham who directed its development. Working with Sam Coughlin and other members of their ICG team, they built a product which massively streamlines the in-store ticketing process.

Ticket-IT is now being used in multiple different stores, we spoke to the General Manager Operations of Farro Fresh Hamish Fleming, about his thoughts on the product.

“Ticket-IT lets us be so much more in control of what is being sent down to all levels of our business. It allows us a lot more visibility of what is going on in our stores, and it gives us a lot more confidence, knowing our prices are accurate everywhere and if a ticket is lost or damaged it can be rectified immediately.” He went on to say “The ability to make ad hoc tickets when necessary, while still making sure that all of our data is the same company-wide allows for so much flexibility and confidence in any of our sales campaigns, and in our pricing as a whole.”

What used to be a task that took multiple days, transferring data from spreadsheets to the actual tickets now takes about 30 seconds.

Now a stand-alone business, Ticket-IT is continuing to spread its wings, working with clients such as Countdown, Briscoes, and Rebel Sports all of whom endorse the product’s ease of use, and efficiency. Software is never really finished, as such, Ticket-IT is continuing to advance and change. Always implementing adaptations for clients and working to make the 30-second process of distribution as sleek and painless as possible. Being a web-based product, it is easy for the Ticket-IT team to make an update or alteration to the software that can be used and implemented by all of its clients as soon as it is put into place, whether it be a troubleshooting change or to implement something that simply makes Ticket-IT better.

Ever-advancing, simple, and consistent. Ticket-IT is the longest running web-based ticketing company in the world and has already made the jobs of thousands of people in hundreds of stores across the retail industry much easier.

For more information, visit; www.ticket-it.com or contact chris@ticket-it.com

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