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Thankyou’s latest campaign combines scent and charity work

Australian charity product organisation Thankyou has launched its latest Kiwi campaign, combining that fact that 100 percent of its profit goes towards helping end global poverty with its use of perfume-grade botanical oils in its products.

The ‘Smells Like a Consumer Revolution’ campaign includes outdoor billboard advertising in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, in-store experiential fragrance displays and influencers taking the sniff test on their social media channels.

One example of a billboard says ‘Smells like fresh rosewater and consumer revolution’ with another saying ‘Smells like fresh patchouli and empowering humanity’.

Thankyou is also currently running an outdoor activation in Ponsonby, Auckland where people will wash their hands to find brown water coming from the faucet. After pumping the Thankyou hand wash, the water will run clear. This is intended to bring people face to face with the water and sanitation crisis worldwide.

The campaign was created in collaboration with Marx Design, headed up by co-founder Ryan Marx who first worked with Thankyou to re-design its packaging before the New Zealand launch in June last year.

“To say we were excited when Thankyou asked us to design a local campaign is an understatement,” says Marx.  

“The underpinning of the campaign is to communicate that with the purchase of a Thankyou product, you’re joining a revolution to help solve global poverty. We worked to articulate both the impact and product attributes, and landed on a few key strong combinations like ‘Smells Like Rosewood and a Revolution’. For the strategy, we focused on striking product photography, punchy messaging and a targeted media plan”. 

Thankyou co-founder and managing director Daniel Flynn says for the social enterprise, producing quality product is just as important as the cause behind the product.

“At Thankyou, we strive to make great products that people love. Products that are good for you, as well as being good for humanity. We know people will often buy a product that supports a cause once, and if it’s not good, they’ll go back to the products they know and love. That’s why we’re big on never using our cause to sell an average product. We make sure we tick both boxes, and tick them well. Because this will ensure we’re here for the long haul, and that we can help to achieve our ultimate goal — a world without poverty.”

“This campaign is about inviting people to see and try what’s different about our cleanse and care products — they’re made with ingredients derived from nature, and with perfume-grade botanical oils that give them a complexity and depth which customers have told us they love,” says Flynn.

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