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Protect against porch pirates: The Courier Box

Necessity is the mother of innovation, and this is certainly the case for The Courier Box designer and developer Joanna Steel.

Her involvement on a shared driveway made her aware that parcels being left by couriers were at serious risk of being run over or stolen, after also having her own MyFoodBag delivery stolen from her driveway.

Joanna had stumbled across an issue known to the e-commerce and courier industry as “the last mile problem”; the multi-million-dollar problem of stolen or damaged parcels after delivery.

As an online shopper, Joanna knows couriers are a frequent visitor to her door, dropping parcels off, often left to the mercy of the elements and “porch pirates.”

What she needed was a secure, insulated, appropriately-sized box to keep her family’s parcel deliveries safe. So, The Courier Box was born.

“We had a look on the market but there was nothing large enough. We wanted a box that could easily hold a dozen bottles of wine and a food order and be secured.”

She drew up a design and a local manufacturing company built a prototype.

The Courier Box has a latch which can be secured by either a combination or key lock to which courier drivers can be given access. It can be insulated which is an ideal option for food and drink orders and a barcode can be printed onto the box which is scanned to let the customer know their parcels are waiting.

A letter box can be incorporated into The Courier Box to make it multi-functional. While the box is appealing to look at and unobtrusive, available in either black, white or stainless steel.

While Joanna believes it will have wide appeal, it would be of value in new residential developments where The Courier Box would supersede the traditional letterbox.

“It’s about future-proofing our changing shopping habits, and allowing consumers to embrace ecommerce while knowing their purchases are safe and secure.”

The Courier Box is available on-line at www.thecourierbox.co.nz 

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