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Looking overseas for 2019 with New Zealand Couriers

As 2019 begins in motion, there are a few key trends that we can expect to come to light in our retail spaces. The international team for New Zealand Couriers reports the upcoming trend of international buyers becoming interested in our ecommerce offerings, and how retailers can insure they keep up with shipping items overseas. 

Order numbers for local retailers are expected to increase as New Zealand ecommerce providers become more popular to overseas consumers, New Zealand Couriers notes the growth of importance of proper shipping partners to keep up with demand.

As retailers start to grow confidence in their domestic shipping, more businesses are becoming interested in offering goods and extending their products into the Australian market. Growth opportunity can come from both local and international markets yet shipping internationally does come with a new set of challenges, which is why it is important for businesses to set up with a trusted international shipping provider.

 “What happens is that even though an ecommerce store may be focused locally, they start to receive enquiries from Australia, and after they get a bit of confidence that they’re able to send domestically, they then start to look at how viable it will be to respond to these enquiries from Australia,” says Simon Lockhart, International Manager for New Zealand Couriers.

New Zealand Couriers expects international interest in our New Zealand ecommerce stores to grow, and in doing that, shipping to international markets is needed to follow that growth. Working with an international courier company rather than dropping off at post office, which many businesses may do in the beginning stages, has many benefits including;

  • Close to home support and local advice
  • Experience with international shipping through Australia and wider international markets
  • Advice tailored to your ecommerce site and shipping objectives
  • Less cumbersome when dealing with increasing order numbers
  • Assistance and advice regarding customs and import/export regulations
  • Have parcels picked up and delivered to you, no need to go to the post office

New Zealand Couriers offer an online international courier management system which makes it easy to send and manage orders, and as Australia is a growing viable market to enter past domestic options, it is important to have growth plans set in place for your business.

“Once the business gets a bit of confidence selling into Australia,” says Lockhart. “We often see them continue to expand their offering to North America, UK and China. So New Zealand Couriers can present the right advice to those businesses.”

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