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Vinomofo celebrates International Women’s Day by supporting female winemakers

In an industry still largely dominated by men, Australian ecommerce wine retailer Vinomofo is trying to make a difference by deliberately stocking plenty of wines made by female winemakers. Charlotte Cels, Vinomofo’s head of business development and buyer, shares how this has benefited the business.

There are many reports underlining the benefits of diverse teams to businesses, but Vinomofo seems to have extended that thinking beyond the business itself to those making its products. What drove Vinomofo to make that extra step?

Wine is always at the forefront of our buying decisions. We are super pleased to feature more wines by female winemakers because they are making excellent wine. Our focus is on buying great quality wines at a great price for our customers. 

Has there been much of an investment involved? Has Vinomofo seen a return on that investment yet?

At Vinomofo we have a pretty evenly split workforce where women play a role all across all levels of business. The investment is in quality people and the best person for the job. When people are chosen on qualifications, the field is always diverse. So the answer is we invest in quality people. And it takes time to find the best ones. 

Do you think larger retail businesses have a responsibility to seek out and support diversity?

All businesses, universities and anyone employing people should seek diversity. No one wants a soup just made with celery.

In your opinion, why aren’t there more female winemakers? Do you think it’s for the same reasons there aren’t more women in senior leadership roles in business?

I can’t answer why there aren’t more female winemakers but if they’re making great wines, whether their male or female, we are happy to support them. 

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