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Two minutes with Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar is the senior Kiwi retailer behind new mega-store Nido. The $60 million homegrown furniture and homewares concept store currently under construction in the Auckland suburb of Henderson will span 27,000 square metres, and is expected to open next spring.

Plans for Nido were announced just a few weeks after Ikea confirmed it would launch into Auckland. Did you know Ikea was coming beforehand?

Yes we were aware and have always planned for their existence in the market. 

How did you feel when the news broke?

The announcement was helpful in that it gave us some additional visibility around their plans for this market, and reaffirmed our belief that their offering for New Zealand customers will be quite different to ours.

Do you think Kiwi shoppers are well-served by the existing large-format furniture and homewares offerings?

We believe the New Zealand market is ready for a large scale retailer – the economies of scale will mean we can carry a far wider range and provide a more integrated service offering than what has been seen previously in this market.

What will Nido offer that current players in this category lack?

Nido is a combination of convenience, design and lifestyle. Everything is under one roof, from inspiration to installation. We have 100 display rooms so Kiwis can see what everything looks like together. You will be able to purchase a complete concept or look rather than just one item. 

Nido will also deliver design and quality at a affordable price. The store will cater to all age groups and all lifestyles and stages. Nido will deliver inspiration and a massive range in a one stop shop.

New Zealand shoppers have been very interested in ‘nesting’ – purchasing homes, homewares, furniture and related goods – for some years. How do you see that trend evolving in the near future? 

We see that trend carrying on. You can see overseas that this is a strong trend and New Zealand is catching on. With Nido there will be even more opportunity to realise your lifestyle visions. Your home is where your family and your friends gather, it’s where you can express yourself through the environment you create. People are realising they have this ability and now Nido can help you realise these ideas.

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail issue 760 February/March 2019

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