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Nestle’s campaign draws on iconic Kiwi characters

Nestlé has launched a campaign to celebrate the iconic ‘Original Kiwi Dip’.

‘The Makings of a Classic’ campaign, by FCB, reinvigorates the packaging of the two ingredients of the dip: Nestlé Reduced Cream and Maggi Onion Soup.

The OOH and social campaign teamed up with British illustrator Vanessa Dell to bring together combinations of ‘classics’ that only New Zealanders would know.

This includes Suzanne Paul and ‘thousands of luminous spheres’ in relations to her Natural Glow, a police officer encouraging people to blow on the pie, and Levi Hawken of ‘Nek Minnit’ fame and his scooter.

Tony Clewett, executive creative director at FCB, says he loves that it so blatantly appeals to Kiwiness.

“If you’re not from New Zealand, you just won’t get it – just like the dip. Big-ups to Nestlé for doing such an unconventional FMCG campaign.

“Most advertisers would take a photo of a glistening bowl of dip next to some celery and go, ‘Job done!’ To trust us to change their packaging, and then create something that doesn’t show the end product – something that credits the audience with the intelligence to join the dots – is both smart and brave.”

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