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Just in Valen-time: Krispy Kreme shows its love

Where there is a gap in the market, it will eventually be filled. So, has reigned true for the poorly timed disappearance of Candy Hearts and Krispy Kreme’s new ‘Conversation Doughnuts’ which have seemed to take the place of the classic Valentine’s Day candy.

Candy Hearts have long been a iconic part of Valentine’s Day, with the patent owned by Spangler Candy Co, which now owns the rights to Necco brands (which made Sweethearts candy hearts). Due to a sale last year, the company said it didn’t have sufficient time to make the quantities needed to supply stores, and thus Krispy Kreme came to the rescue.

Like any slightly altered classic, the range of donuts comes with the descriptive name of ‘Valentine Conversation Donuts.’ The donuts resemble the Candy Heart’s, with pastel colours and sweet small messages on top.

It’s basically the fried dough equivalent of the popular candy. Heart-shaped doughnuts will have over a dozen phrases written in icing, including “Be Mine,” “DM Me” and “All the Feels”.

It is unconfirmed whether New Zealand will be specifically gifted these pastel themed doughnuts, but Auckland locations are lucky enough to be getting two more Valentine themed donuts. Fried, heart shaped, drizzled in icing and stuff with crème, what more could you possibly need to fill the void this Valentine.

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