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How Rocket Kitchen created a retail destination out of a relocation

When baker and cake-delivery retailer Rocket Kitchen relocated from its long-term Ponsonby spot to Mt Eden, it engaged Spaceworks Design Group to make its new premises a destination with real drawing power.

The relocation was just one of several big changes happening at Rocket Kitchen: it was undergoing a rebrand, and also taking Ma Cherie’s brand of sweet treats in-house alongside the Rocket products.

Rocket Kitchen’s new site on Mt Eden Rd has amazing street presence, says Spaceworks chief executive Lizzi Whaley. Being already home to a restaurant, she says, it had great base elements that Spaceworks could work into the design:  timber floors, brick wall and timber panelling. The front of house area measures 150 square metres.

“Rocket Kitchen’s new branding is light, bright and playful, incorporating pastel colours and great shapes. It was a perfect starting point for developing the concept for the location,” Whaley says. “Ordinarily, we allow the product to be the hero in retail. Rocket Kitchen, however, sells such an amazing variety of delicious small goods that it was ideal to play up the brand colours to make the space vibrant and bright.

“You can almost taste the goodness looking at the colours in the fit-out.”

Having such a big space allowed Rocket Kitchen to incorporate hospitality into their fit-out. Shoppers no longer need to “buy and run”, but can sit down and enjoy products like Rocket Kitchen’s famous chocolate whiskey cake with a cup of coffee.

Whaley says this is in line with experiential retail trends around the world. Retailers are increasingly introducing hospitality into their offerings to support the brand experience, encouraging shoppers to “stay and play”, and allowing them to taste the products on sale for increased engagement.

Spaceworks has created a feature out of Rocket Kitchen’s refrigerator cabinets, applying the retailer’s brand colours in dynamic and vibrant block sections. Whaley describes these colourful additions as a “magnet”, enticing passers-by into the store.

She describes Rocket Kitchen Mt Eden as a theatre:

“There is nothing better than watching the action of a barista and a busy shopping experience. The dusky pink seating area is in contrast to the bright colours used throughout the fitout. It acts as a sanctuary of calm, looks like candyfloss, and is the perfect location to enjoy a macaron or hot chocolate.”

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