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Bottoms up: Absolut Vodka takes a stance on sustainability

A new responsible cocktail era is on the cards as Absolut Vodka introduces its new sustainability focused campaign, The Green Hustle.

A new responsible cocktail era is on the cards as Absolut Vodka introduces its new sustainability focused campaign, The Green Hustle.

The new bar initiative has the goal to encourage bartenders and other cocktail connoisseurs to be more sustainable when making their creations. It aims to inspire bartenders to be more sustainable by teaching simple “hustles” that they can instigate. These hustles include turning disregarded fruit into stock, ditching plastics and refreezing melted ice.

The site now offers ‘hacks for hustlers’, where those within the hospitality industry can go to get ideas on how to further minimize waste usage. From simple ideas such as using tasting spoons rather than small straws, or to bigger changes like introducing a compost where you can then grow your own garnishes.

The campaign was launched at the Athens Bar Show and saw a mixture of seminars and workshops all with the aim to educate about adoptable sustainable practices.  

Prior to the show, Absolut sent out its Hustle Buggy around the city of Athens to collect discarded limes, lemons and grapefruits for demonstrations showing the easy ways to extend the fruit’s lifecycle and create drinks at the bar from these collected fruits.

Global advocacy marketing manager for Absolut, Bex Almqvist, said: “The Green Hustle is all about inspiring bartenders to get involved in applying easily implementable hacks within their bars that are both beneficial to the environment, our industry and their bottom line.

“The program is fun and engaging because it was created by bartenders for bartenders with the objective of instigating change.

“Sustainability can be an overwhelming topic, but we hope The Green Hustle will make it less daunting and more accessible for everyone – the smallest act can make a big impact and you can have fun and be inventive along the way.”

The Green Hustle page also includes recipes to some classic cocktails made this time around with a sustainable twist. For example, empty passionfruit shells filled with jelly are recommended as garnish for the cocktail ‘Wasted Pornstar’. Where as a ‘Trashy Cosmo’ includes a dehydrated lime wheel as garnish.

Early last year, Absolut adopted the hashtag #TheVodkaWithNothingToHide, as it moves towards a more environmentally friendly image. Pushing the boundaries for what constitutes as an acceptable video these days, the brand saved on costume budget with the introduction of its 100 percent recycled bottles.

The move towards a sustainable ethos is becoming more common for businesses, as younger demographics are placing more importance on brands who can relate to their want of conscious consumerism.

Absolut is moving into a new generation as the next wave of cocktail makers, and drinkers, step up to the plate. Brands that connect with personal values as Absolut does, will more likely remain in customers minds for longer and create more opportunities for the brand to find itself within bars that share similar ethos.

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