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Retail year book 2018: Part three

Weirdest collab

Winner: Deuce x Krispy Kreme

A shoe brand doesn’t often inspire thoughts of doughnuts, but that’s what put the Deuce sneakers and Krispy Kreme collaboration at the top of our list. Using doughnuts to entice shoppers in for the launch of its new collection saw the brand give away over 1000 fresh treats. An almost packed store that Saturday went to show that two completely separate entities with absolutely nothing in common can still be a success if done right.

Runner up: Huffer x Heineken

‘Marriage made in heaven’ award for the most natural merger

Winner: Pumpkin Patch x Ezibuy

While we won’t know for some time how this merger will work out, it certainly makes intuitive sense. After Ezibuy owner Alceon Group purchased Pumpkin Patch’s assets from Australian retail Catch Group in late October, it lost no time in relaunching the heritage Kiwi brand through its digital and physical Ezibuy channels. With its roots in catalogues and mid-market family apparel, we think Ezibuy is a great match for Pumpkin Patch – could this troubled brand have finally found its home?

Runner up: Barkers x Max Fashions

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