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A new cost effective way to increase sales and reduce costs

Being in retail has never been so busy and the rate of change sometimes makes it hard to breathe. The basics of getting the right product on shelf (online and instore) to the right customer at the right time has so many moving parts, and it just never ends.

One of the most effective ways to tackle the art and science of retailing is working out what can be automated. It seems ridiculous to be doing fundamental tasks over and over manually, leaving room for mistakes, inconsistencies and cost inefficiencies.

All retailers know price ticketing is critical as it provides clear guidance to help customers find what they want, especially if you have advertised and set a promotion for a product to help drive sales. Price ticketing doesn’t just help customers find what they’re looking for but also inspires them to want something they never knew they needed. Most importantly, price ticketing assists a retailer to be compliant and clear with customers in accordance with the Fair Trading Act.

Automation systems to date have been cost prohibitive or required bespoke software. This has now all changed with Ticket-IT.

Smart in-store signage for every retailer

From forecourts to fitness stores, DIY to department stores, specialty gift stores to supermarkets, Ticket-IT can provide solutions for every sector in retail. Whether you have one large store or a large network of stores, Ticket-IT simplifies in-store ticketing allowing you to design, print and distribute one ticket or hundreds of
tickets in seconds.

Not only is Ticket-IT simple to use, efficient and effective, you don’t require any design capability or special software. All you need is an internet connection and printer. 

Retail price ticketing is a simple science

The team at Ticket-IT can help you get going by applying retail pricing best practices for promotional, core or special tickets. Different products require different information if you want to get customers to reach in and pick up your product. There are several considerations, for example:

Be specific:

Price ticketing should give you just the right message in just the right place. When designing a ticket there are some specific details, such as product size and weight, brand information, price, saves and relevant product information.
Keep it simple: 

Your promotional price message needs to be clear, one with too much information is often ignored.

Write in headline text: This should help you be concise and simple all at once. Effective price tickets use a message hierarchy: headline, explanatory text, and finally, a call to action (the price).

Make a call to action: Price tickets are advertisements, and as any good advertiser knows, you need to get the customer to do something; that’s the call to action. An effective price ticket needs to have a simple goal.

Right every time and available on demand

Ticket-IT uses automated artwork to apply your pricing information to produce store specific, on-brand, always correct tickets and offers. It eliminates issues around proofing, authorising, auditing and version control. It’s incredibly easy to use whether you have a team of one or a head office team or multi-site operator.

The Ticket-IT cloud-based solution processes your data to produce promotional tickets that sell. It controls the design, publishing, production and integration of all product and signage information. This includes product descriptions, prices, barcodes, pictures, ingredients, country of origin, QR codes, marketing messages, loyalty points and brand standards.

Most importantly, from a customer and commercial perspective no ticket usually means no sale! And that simply makes no sense.

Want to find out more

To find out more about Ticket-It contact Chris Graham on +6422 183 2284

Or email chris@ticket-it.com.


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