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International shipping – Here’s how to jump the queue

GoSweetSpot’s platform takes the guesswork out of freight services, whether your needs are local, international or both.

If you’ve ever sent a gift overseas you’ll no doubt know the pain of time spent queuing, the forms needing filling and the anxious wait for slow deliveries. Then the joy of giving is squashed flat as you discover that your parcel has just tipped over a weight threshold and sending will cost three times the worth of its contents!

For businesses using international services, the headache is real – and it’s not just at Christmas time. International shipping involves filling in declaration forms, collation of invoices, descriptions, weights and manufacturer’s information. Then comes the search for competitive rates, which can entail going through it all again for each carrier. Add to this, surprise costs like Fuel Factors (when you get an extra charge related to fluctuating fuel costs), or perhaps you’re faced with matching up suppliers for different legs of the journey, and your package to London could cost the proverbial arm and a leg in staff hours alone!

That’s just for smaller businesses, venture into higher volume importing and exporting and you’ll need to train a specialist to do the job efficiently.

How can this whole palaver be simplified, how can costs be more transparent and what if we want to send and receive? What if we’re not even in the same country as the dispatch or the delivery?

GoSweetSpot’s aggregated freight system has the bases covered. With one easy-to-use platform and a few clicks of a mouse, all of that extra work, time and stress are obliterated.

Plug in the details, fill out your customs declaration in the same place, add insurance cover at whatever level you need, press a button and presented in front of you will be the cost and delivery time of all suitable carriers for your international shipment. Choose the option that suits you best at the time and you’ll have all the labelling you need ready to print, the pickup will be ordered, you’ll be able to track your shipment and your recipient will be notified via email.

“Take this example,” says Tadek Ptak, founding owner of the company, “we have a customer, a designer, who was in Paris for Fashion Week. She urgently needed stock for the show but the stock was in New York. She simply created her freight label which was emailed directly within the system to her New York depot. The NY team printed it out and stuck it to the package, then clicked on an automated pickup request. The parcel was collected and delivered to the customer’s door in Paris. There were no phone calls, hassles nor surprise costs and she could get on with the show”.

All costs involved – including government-controlled customs and duties – get added to your regular invoice. The paperwork is in one place and the freight is tracked.

“What could have been a really stressful situation, was turned around in a few minutes by the customer in her hotel room!”

All service standards are transparent, no traipsing through carrier after carrier to get timing and costs just right, no surprise bills arriving after the fact. If you send the same product regularly, you can save default settings and simplify the process even further.

Enter your information once; attach documentation directly; compare costs immediately.

Visit GoSweetSpot.com and grab the world with both hands.

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