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Pumpkin Patch changes hands and re-relaunches

Ezibuy owner Alceon Group has purchased Pumpkin Patch’s assets from Australian retail Catch Group. The private equity firm has lost no time in relaunching Pumpkin Patch again through Ezibuy’s channels.

Catch Group purchased Pumpkin Patch’s brand, including its customer database, product designs and trademarks, from receivers for an amount understood to be about AU$2 million ($2.17m) in March 2017. It relaunched Pumpkin Patch online in December of that year, but Catch Group co-founder Gabby Leibovich later told The Register that the purchase was made with the intention of using Pumpkin Patch’s assets to benefit Catch Group’s existing brands.

He described running Pumpkin Patch as an “interesting experiment” for Catch Group: “Our DNA is to buy completed product, and now we have to go to China and manufacture new product.”

“We are learning something new, this is something we’ve never done before.”

Alceon Group acquired New Zealand clothing and homewares retailer Ezibuy for an undisclosed sum in 2017, and has now picked up Pumpkin Patch. It’s already trading Pumpkin Patch goods through Ezibuy’s online presence, and will stock the brand in Ezibuy’s physical stores in New Zealand before making a full relaunch in July next year.

“The Pumpkin Patch brand has a strong recognition in both Australia and New Zealand and its products are highly respected in the children’s wear markets,” Alceon executive director Richard Facioni says.

“Through leveraging the resources of our Ezibuy business, we are confident we can successfully relaunch and rebuild this iconic brand.”

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