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Trade Me shows support with a move towards living wage

Trade Me has yet again shown its progressive outlook for New Zealand, and has now committed to the living wage.

The end of October this year will see more than 30 staff moved up to the living wage, which currently sits at $20.55 per hour.

Trade Me employs 630 people across the country, with CEO Jon Macdonald saying staff that weren’t already on a living wage were predominantly in the customer service team.

“We employ 630 great people across the country and this change will mean 33 of them will receive a pay increase of approximately $3,500 a year for full me staff. We’re commited to doing the right thing by our people.” 

“Our CS team work hard every day of the year to help our members and customers. They respond to thousands of emails and hundreds of calls every week. We wanted to support them by providing a living wage,” he said.

Macdonald has led the auction site to the great Kiwi company it currently is, seeing expansions further into retail, as well as improving buyer-seller safety measures. However earlier this year saw Macdonald announced his resignation from the company, with a replacement expected in December of this year.

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