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Two minutes with: Deanna Yang

Moustache always has new, unique, things coming out of the woodwork, how do you balance creativity with a need for sustainability in business?

In store we do things that we want to do, we don’t make anything that isn’t fun for us. But that can mean sometimes we may make things that just won’t work on a mass scale. That why we do a lot of specials and a lot of quirky things, because a lot of the time its probably not sustainable to make all the time. But we can give up being creative and having that wacky stuff, so that’s where the balance comes in. Yes, we can have wacky stuff but not all the time, sometimes we have to pull back the child within ourselves and do things that are sustainable.

But business and creativity can come hand in hand. You can’t just think about business, and then you can always just be doing crazy things. So, for us it’s about finding a way to do both.

Moustache has a strong presence on social media and recently won the Hottest Social Media Presence Award in NZ Retail’s Hotlist. How do you make sure you keep things interesting through those channels?

I think the main thing for us is to always be authentic and genuine. Nowadays there is a lot of tricks on how to instantly ‘grow’ your following. For me, I’ve just made it a channel to showcase what I love, and what makes me happy – and that is what it’s about. For us, we do have quite a strong following, but its been slow and steady, and all we do is be our crazy wacky selves and put it on the internet. I think we’re lucky that people love to be part of that crazy journey with us.

Our posts have really high engagement levels, and we get people contacting us, encouraging us to keep making that content because they can be inspired by it or can have fun with it. I think what we’re trying to create is more of a community and I think that resonates with people.

For you, where does that innovation stem from? How does personal creativity mix in with outside influences?

We only do one product. We only bake cookies. I am so passionate about cookies, and its something I’ve wanted to do since I was eight years old. I think for me its about spreading that joy in a creative way. Instead of just doing one regular cookie, how can we incorporate cookies and happiness into other things? Between protein cookies, edible cookie dough, cookie candles, for us it’s about being creative and seeing how we can bring those cookies into different forms to the world.

I have been the sole owner of the business for the past six years, but the team is everything. All the ideas we’ll often come up with them together, and they’ll be the ones who will execute and do a lot of the product testing, so our team treat it like its their own business, and their own baby. They take a lot of pride in what they create within the business. Team Mo means everything to me.

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Courtney Devereux is a Communication Consultant at Clear Hayes and freelance business writer.