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Lexel and HP Engage POS empower retail and hospitality to reinvent the customer experience

The retail and hospitality industries are a constant high-pressure environment that needs robust and reliable systems in place to support the demand. Lexel, a retail ICT solutions provider, presents the HP Engage point of sale system, offering retailers and hospitality an enhanced suite of digital services that are built for the day ahead. 

As one of the largest providers of ICT service and solutions in New Zealand, Lexel is fully experienced with equipping both retail and hospitality locations with systems that can withstand transactional pressures that can come with busy periods.

With a focus on innovative and quality offerings, Lexel presents the HP Engage point of sale system; with a complete range that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Working to reinvent the consumer experience, Lexel’s ability to offer a top of the line POS system means stores can upgrade or complement current systems to enhance their customer experience, customer satisfaction and ultimately increase sales.

Changes in your business can be intimidating and not knowing where to start can be half the issue, but Lexel can tailor HP Engage to your retail and hospitality locations, as well as integrate the system with your existing infrastructure. Lexel specialises in not only the execution of this new system but also supplies education and security surrounding it, meaning your business has everything it needs at its disposal to deliver an optimal customer service.

The HP Engage offers a new way to improve your business, no matter what type of ecosystem it is required to adapt to. A new point of sale system provides retail-hardened devices that include new operating systems including Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, high-speed processing hardware and a variety of memory configurations, and a further 128 GB of internal storage for stock and customer data.

Highly energy efficient with a lightweight and portable head unit designed for assisted sales on the floor, the system connectivity base can come in sleek black or white while the rotate stand allows customers to enter their own details into the 14-inch anti-glare touchscreen. Utilising the very latest generation Intel processors and durable business grade componentry the  system has a 5-year lifecycle providing continuity and support of the platform for many years to come.

Yet ease of use does not translate to less protection, the new system offers security management such as HP FingerPrint Sensor and credential guard and password protection; as well as PC BIOS and firmware that shields the BIOS against attacks to help keep your data, devices, and customers safe.

Specialising in support services, Lexel’s helpdesk is able to provide 24/7 support which mirrors retail and hospitality timelines. It can assist with problems relating to the entire store technology requirements including POS systems and applications, Wi-Fi and network connectivity and even specialist third-party applications like people-counting, route to purchase analytics, queuing analytics and video surveillance.

The retail and hospitality industries are changing rapidly, and consumers expectations are growing higher every day. Bricks and mortar outlets arguably sit at a disadvantage compared to online shopping and its ease of sale, yet with adaption to HP Engage and greater use of existing business data and analytics we can help level the playing field.

Lexel’s team of retail and hospitality specialists are on hand to help. Get in touch and see how they can help grow your business.

Email: info@lexel.co.nz

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