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Palmers further targets growing DIY consumer

Palmers Petone will be the first of its branches to offer a new range of electric tools from the popular Stihl global company. The move will put Palmers in the market to target a growing DIY demographic.

Stihl’s partnership with Palmers will provide more Kiwis with convenient access to Stihl’s high-quality powered gardening equipment. The high power set off tools is a smart move by Palmers, allowing it to target a wider demographic of the classic do it yourself Kiwi consumer.

“The products’ smart design appeals to a wide demographic. Interestingly, we are finding that women represent a growing group of customers in the home improvement space,” says Stilh marketing manager, Stace Hall.

Hall adds, “As shows such as ‘The Block’ continue to inspire Kiwis to make improvements to their homes and gardens, our range of easy-to-use electric tools provide our customers an enjoyable, stress-free experience.”

Stilh Cordless and Electric products will be available in three Palmers stores in Petone, Rototuna (Hamilton) and Westgate (Auckland).

Palmers Petone, which opened on August 11, will be the first Palmers store to stock the range.

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