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‘Gram of the week: Hydrangea Ranger

? Lotus Hands to hold your flowers or incense. hydrangearanger.com

A post shared by Hydrangea Ranger (@hydrangearanger) on Mar 18, 2018 at 4:27pm PDT

Simple, sweet and beautifully styled. The Instagram by Hydrangea Ranger communicates the brands importance of handmade artisan products, all which are delicately styled and captured.

Hydrangea Ranger promotes itself as a limited edition, handmade, Jewels, illustration, giftware, and gardening retailer.

The small local business’ Instagram is simple yet elegant, the tiny bespoke pieces are captured in a way that shows intensive detail yet delicacy.

Soft lighting and various hues of white and pastel are seen throughout the page. With the boutique store offering a range of different items that hold the same floral inspiration.

The pages work often gives insight into newly made items and material that has been recently sourced to make the charming pieces.

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