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Giving great freight – GoSweetSpot hits the ball out of the park with effortless shipping

It goes without saying that e-commerce has exploded in recent years. Each of those millions of purchases requires transport to its destination and merchants can be crippled by freight costs as consumers come to expect fast, cheap delivery and returns. It’s great for the customer, but how can an e-Commerce business – large or small – thrive, without a reliable and cost-efficient freight solution?

Eight years ago, this burgeoning need was recognised by friends Minal Gulabdas, Tadek Ptak and former co-founding Director, Damon Bell. They saw the difficulties faced by retailers and wholesalers alike; so many different packages, myriad destinations and suppliers with varied specialties. The problem was getting to the ‘sweet spot’ where each delivery had the ultimate balance of cost and expediency. The mates gathered their respective talents and a small amount of capital, embarking on a journey to reinvent courier and freight.

The company worked to develop a software matrix that aggregates various providers and destinations to provide multiple options for each delivery. On any given day, circumstances could change that mean the difference between choosing the fastest option over the cheapest, or finding a suitable carrier for the bridal veil en route to The Hamptons, or the flatpack unit that simply must be in Gisborne tomorrow.

The result is an incredibly simple, plug and play system. The user inputs the delivery address and shipment size and is presented with a number of suppliers to choose from, each showing their price and schedule. Freight labels are printed directly, seeing the end of pre-paid satchels which could previously represent a prohibitive cost. The client pays for only what they use. This benefit by itself is enough to entice businesses, let alone the savings in time and energy when searching for a suitable carrier.

Ease of use and instant benefits made the platform popular quickly and the company grew to employ staff and tailor their offering further. Relationships have been created with some of the country’s most respected carriers to offer competitive rates on freight to all corners of the globe.

Compatibility with existing business software can be crucial for larger companies and GoSweetSpot has come to the fore, their product now integrating with some 38 software systems and platforms such as Magento, Shopify and TradeMe. Minimal training is required to use the system which is backed up with live customer assistance.

“It really is an effortless solution,” says company Director, Tadek Ptak. “We love seeing the benefits that our customers feel, right from the beginning – from huge cost savings to time and stress reduction. We take the guesswork out of the shipping process and let the customer focus on growing their business.”

Fast forward to 2018 and GoSweetSpot provides freight solutions for over 3000 New Zealand businesses. The company employs a staff of 15 and management strives to create an atmosphere in which employees feel valued and rewarded. Success is balanced with a feeling of social responsibility and the company has introduced a Christmas gifting tradition, whereby each staff member chooses a charity to which the company donates $1000 on their behalf.

Always reinventing, Gulabdas and Ptak have more ideas on the boil as they manage GoSweetSpot’s considerable growth with family time at home. “We look forward to bringing more to the table in the coming months,” says Gulabdas, “It’s a lot different to the days of working from the kitchen table!”

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