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‘Gram of the week: GoodFor

Clean, green and meticulously organised. Much like its stores, the Instagram of GoodFor wholefoods refillery is an impressive expression of the company’s waste-free ethos.

GoodFor uses its social media to share beautiful formed images of its aesthetical pleasing store, as well as recipes and aspirational plastic-free cupboards. The ‘gram has a very relaxed feel to it, but in the way that most gorgeous things on the social media platform seem completely effortless.

The account boasts a healthy 17.8 thousand followers and a high level of engagement in its posts, and its not hard to see why. The brand communicates with its followers regularly, and posts in the carefree way its products are meant to make people feel.

Our gram of the week starts off strong with GoodFor, with another store set to open in Takapuna in the next week the account will not be short of content to keep hungry consumers interested.

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