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The Retail Hotlist: New World’s Little Garden is ‘Hottest marketing campaign’

Nominees: Scentre Group’s ‘Smartscreens’ Nutella,Farmers’ 2017 Christmas Campaign, What’s your why? Rebel Sport, New World Little Garden, Countdown’s Odd Bunch, Spark Father’s Day 2017.

People’s choice
New World’s Little Garden

Judges’ choice
New World’s Little Garden

In collaboration with Colenso BBDO, the campaign replaces the Little Shop plastic models for herb and vegetable seedlings that shoppers can take home and plant. However, the marketing team wanted a way to ensure that the less garden-savvy didn’t give up, so partnered with MetService to send shoppers a ‘Daily Watering Moment’ reminder to their phone, based on the current weather. FBC Media carried out a number of other small campaigns alongside, including newspaper ad-paths that eventually lead to the seedlings range Little Garden offered; scratch and sniff print ads in Women’s Day and a beehive Snapchat lens.  

Few marketing campaigns have the potential to reach as many corners of New Zealand as a New World campaign. After consuming the nation with its Little Shop promotion in 2013, New World decided to tug on our sustainable heartstrings and found similar success with Little Garden in late 2016.

Foodstuffs New Zealand head of retail marketing Stephanie Pyne says Little Garden delivered across the board and drove sales in both value and volume, and delivered repeat visits and increased market share. 

Where did the idea for Little Garden come from?

We wanted a promotion which would tap into an increasing interest in sustainability. On the face of it, it seems counter-intuitive that we would give away seeds for customers to grow their own produce, but we believed that what it would do is associate New World very strongly with ‘fresh’ and drive awareness around the goodness of fruit and vegetables. A key priority for the campaign was to ensure that the promotion itself was virtually 100 percent recyclable or compostable – from point of sale material, through to the seedlings which were given away to customers.

What were New World’s aims with the campaign?

Primarily we set out to increase market share, drive sales volume and value, and to increase the number of customer store visits. We also sought to enhance New World’s positioning on things like ‘fresh’ and ‘environmentally friendly’. Over two years the promotion delivered on all of these objectives, in spades.  

What do you attribute the success of the campaign to?

Great customer insights. We tapped into a growing interest of our customers in fresh produce, wanting to understand where their fruit and vegetables come from, and an increasing interest in sustainability. The campaign was supported across multiple platforms including above the line communications, digital, in store and social media. We were inundated by user-generated content – which just goes to show how well the campaign resonated with our customers.

Are there plans to bring it back? Or will there be something new?

We’re working on new ideas for New World which will continue to be insight led and customer focused.

Judges’ comments from James Blackwood: I just love it. And have observed and been often told just how effective it is. Teaching kids to nurture and care for a living plant (and then you get to eat it) gets my vote over a worthless piece of plastic rubbish any day. As an experience, all the elements dovetail seamlessly: in-store to online, ads to education. And it’s making our world a better place. Hat tipped.

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail magazine issue 756 June/July 2018

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