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The Retail Hotlist: Ponsonby Central scoops ‘Hottest retail development’

Nominees: Commercial Bay, Five Mile, Ponsonby Central, Tauranga Crossing, Britomart, Eva St, The Grove, Westfield Newmarket.

People’s choice

Tauranga Crossing

Judges’ choice

Ponsonby Central

Ponsonby has long been home to many gastronomic institutions like SPQR and the Golden Dawn, where Auckland’s best and brightest gather for long lunches and late nights. But the hub of all this activity is without a doubt becoming the bustling Ponsonby Central complex. Whether you’re in the mood for burgers, steamed buns at the Blue Breeze Inn or produce at Ceres Fresh Market, the retail hotspot has become the go-to spot to eat, drink and spend merrily. With a 35,000sqm extension planned to double its size in May, Ponsonby Central is certainly one to watch.

Auckland hotspot Ponsonby Central is soon to undergo a major new development. The planned construction will include an added 3,500 square meters, with extra retail, hospitality and shared office spaces. 

“Basically, we’re working hard to expand our offering,” says Claire O’Shannessy, Ponsonby Central property developer. “I think it’s been pretty successful. It’ll have an industrial feel, but with added carparks below, new retail spaces, new lanes and a few floors of office above that.” 

The new developments, while adding more choice for Ponsonby foot traffic, will create a new modernised look to the area, which will enhance the entire area. 

“There is definitely room for more, and it’s really nice to be able to have a full offering. So, people will know when they come here they can have whatever they want. It’s nice to be able to offer new different sized venues for our current retailers looking to expand.”

O’Shannessy says Ponsonby already has a strong audience, but the new retail developments will bring increased intertest to the area. 

“Ponsonby is already a destination, but this will make is even more such. It’ll be more accessible and will really become this destination for both food and retail… We’re still working through concepts but there will be some really exciting new designs coming in.”

“We are really excited about this new development, we really passionate about it, and it’s great to hear other people are just as enthusiastic as we are. It is really nice to see that the industry is welcoming it.”

Judges’ comments from Scott Fisher: Ponsonby Central is a great example of creating a destination experience where all the retail senses are catered for. The upcoming extension is only going to further cement Ponsonby Central as a dynamic retail hub.  A special mention also goes to Eva Street in Wellington, a great redevelopment energising an inner city space.

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail magazine issue 756 June/July 2018

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