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Amazon Prime Day (and a half)

Amazon Prime Day is the biggest online shopping day run by the American company. 2018 saw Amazon report record sales, as well as bumping sale time up by another 12 hours for keen buyers.

Held on July 16, and often referred to Black Friday in July, Amazon said its 2018 Prime Day was its most successful yet. And although the company hasn’t revealed exact numbers, Bloomberg estimates it to have reached over USD$1 Billion.

US estimators Coresight Research is betting Prime Day 2018 sales should reach at minimum $3.4 billion globally, breaking another record.

Some aspects which could possibly be attributed to the massive growth include the first Australian Prime Day with its new centres, its acquisition of Wholefoods earlier this year and the loss of Toys r Us.

According to a press release by the company, in the first 10 hours, Prime Day grew even faster, year-over-year, than the first 10 hours last year. 

Over 100 million products were purchased on the site over the 36-hour sale, with Amazon pushing its own products very heavily. Amazon Echo was 40 percent off and along with other devices went on sale hours before anything else.

One of the top three products of Prime Day was the Instant Pot. It was the second year in a row the multicooker was a major seller. Best selling items mostly included electrical goods, such as Kindles, televisions, media kits and tablets. However, in Japan the biggest seller was whey protein powder.

In 2017, Amazon said sales grew more than 60 percent during the event, breaking a record at the time and surpassing Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined. It is expected that sales and new Amazon Prime member numbers will have also seen a spike this year.

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