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It’s coming home: I Love Ugly Fifa Football Cup inspired collection

New Zealand streetwear brand I Love Ugly has waded into the football fever engulfing the world at the moment and launched a limited edition FIFA inspired collection of clothes called the ‘Legends’ collection. While sports brands typically go for the clean, athletic-looking aesthetic in their designs for big sporting occasions, I Love Ugly says it decided to go against the grain and celebrate the occasion with a series of bright, bold, comedic-inspired prints with the help of UK illustrator Chester Holme. 

The collection includes a collection of tees, shorts, socks, jackets and hats. I Love Ugly says the collection pay homage to World Cup legends of the past, whilst celebrating the multicultural fanfare that engulfs each tournament and puts the rest of the world in party mode. 

Some of the prints reinterprets iconic World Cup moments that have gone down in sports history, such as Johan Cruyff’s introduction of the ‘Cruyff Turn’ at Germany in 1974, Zinedine Zidane’s notorious head-butt incident at Germany in 2006, and Diego Maradona’s infamous ‘Hand of God’ at Mexico 1986. 

I Love Ugly designer Joey Levy says the collection is inspired by I Love Ugly’s use of rich illustrative prints, something the brand has become well known for since its inception in 2008.

“We knew sports brands, and other streetwear brands in our bracket would attack the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the traditionally clean, athletic-orientated aesthetic,” Levy says. 

“So in classic ILU form, we thought we’d go against the grain and attack it from a fresh perspective with light-hearted, comedic illustrative prints that are super colourful and poppy with that pinch of nostalgia that seems to sugarcoat each World Cup.

“We didn’t want to add another football kit to the market, instead, we focused on designing a collection that feels a little more unique, and more distinctly I Love Ugly.”

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