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Wish’s free shipping: Just pay data!

Wish online, a site that holds a similar model to the popular AliExpress, is a cave of cheap, ever expansive wonders. Below you’ll find the top weirdest, loosely helpful items to benefit your business.

All you need to do is provide the site with your data, then be transported to a world of unimagined possibilities. The site holds over 300,000 different merchants and is in the top five of shopping apps in 45 countries. The app has gained over 500 million users that indicates the tremendous growth of the company.

So are you looking to enhance your business or trade with weird products you didn’t realise you needed until now? Look no further; Wish provides us with the utmost, heavily unrelated to anything, products that will only improve your customer experience.

Wish Pearls Vacuum packaging Oyster, Pearl Mussel Shell with Pearl Inside, Different Color Pearl Mysterious Surprise Gift

If a mysterious surprise gift isn’t enough to entice your customers in, then I don’t know what is. Nothing screams repeat business like surprising paying consumers with a dead shellfish. How much are these precious creations of nature you may ask – They’re free! Just pay the low shipping price of $4 and these 10 pack, that’s right 10 full oysters, are ready to be transferred to you and right into your customers’ forever home. (Although NZ Customs is unlikely to share your enthusiasm.)

Darlene from the US rated 5 stars, “It’s not opened yet, but it’ll be a great gift once it is.” – Thanks Darlene!

Bulk Dried Rose Buds Blooms Flowers Very Fresh Biodegradable Confetti

If you really want to win your customers over, or even staff, nothing shrieks class like 50g of potpourri. Don’t let the photo of a healthy rose garden fool you, these bad boys are 100 percent certified plastic – longevity!

Pay the standard shipping price and get plastic petals with endless opportunities – Decorate window displays, add class to product carry bags, or even throw at unsuspecting customers.

Smoke Cake Fog Smoke Effect 

Looking for a quick escape from a rude customer? Wanting to clear the store quickly at closing? Just feeling extravagant? Then smoke bombs are your answer.

Available in seven different colours these little morsels of promise deliver results, no matter what your goal is; unless your goal is anything other than copious amounts of coloured smoke.

Instructions implore careful handing of the delicate ‘smoke cakes’, stating “It need be Ignite by the Fire.”

2 PCS Mop Slippers Lazy Quick House Floor Polishing Dusting Cleaning Foot Socks Shoe lovers shoes

Is it a quiet day at the store or office? Is there cleaning to be done? Do you have feet? Then these mop socks are your new best friend. Slip slide and polish your way to that promotion; nothing shows motivation like a shining floor paired with a passion for fashion. At the low cost of free, you’d be silly to miss out on such an investment.

If the promise of a clean abode and subsequent raise don’t sway you then maybe Mag’s review from Kentucky will.

“Pretty good.”

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