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Batched Espresso: Premium products for the casual

Batched Espresso Martini is the latest product hitting liquor shelves. The pre-mixed cocktail goes far beyond traditional ready-to-drink beverages and introduces a new, premium way, to enjoy a classic Espresso Martini.

Co-founded by Anna Williams and Michael Rose along with two silent partners, the company at only a few months old has found a strong footing within the market.

After a disappointing experience ordering an espresso martini, marketing manager Anna Williams had the idea that something in the process could be done easier, with better results.

“I thought I can do better than this, there is a problem we can solve here… So, it was my mission after that to do some research and from then got the three-best people in the field to come on board and help me.”

All members have full-time jobs, even as the popularity of the pre-mixed concoction gains traction.

“We’re growing a lot faster than what we originally anticipated,” says Williams. “It’s exciting but at the same time it involves a lot less sleep and lot more weekend hours.”

The product is a pre-mixed Espresso Martini, a cocktail which is usually reserved for high scale bars and restaurants.

“We started the company because we wanted to solve a problem, we wanted to make good espresso martinis available to everyone. But we want to be a premium brand as well; our motto is ‘We’ve done 90 percent, now you do 10.’ We think cocktails should be available to be enjoyed by everyone, either at home or away at the batch. They should be easily accessible.”

The brand has big plans for growth in the coming months, says Williams, with sights set on several different establishments and talks of widening the range past Espresso Martinis.

“We’ve got big goals to grow which is awesome, involving trying to get into hotels, airlines, duty-free, weddings; and there is just so much scope for it and so much potential.”

In order to stay true to becoming a premium tasting brand, the manufacturing process involved serval variations of the drink and no shortage of taste testing.

“It took us almost eight months to perfect the flavour. There was a time there where we thought this wasn’t going to work, but we just stuck at it and eventually, it just clicked. Our coffee comes from the Hawkes Bay, and we cold brew it for seven days, so it is quite a lengthy process.”

“It’s all organic and fair trade as well, with goes hand in hand with our goal to be a premium product,” she says. “The back and forth took a while because we’d get a sample sent through which we would then have to sample, make notes and send the feedback. That went on for months. We didn’t want to compromise flavour, and because we are premium we wait till it was perfect before manufacturing it.”

Batched has a relaxed feel to its ethos, yet still remains sophisticated enough to secure itself among future premium brands. A dedication to perfection has seen Batched pull forward among competition with a positive outlook about its place within the market going forward.

“Our mission was to solve a problem; Time, quality and consistency are our three values and if we produced a subpar product to compete with a real cocktail then it wouldn’t have worked. So that’s why we put so much time and effort into it; because we are a real cocktail in a bottle.”

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