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Buchan’s design expands Sylvia Park shopping centre

One of New Zealand’s largest shopping centres, Sylvia Park, is about to get bigger and better after partnering with Australasia’s top design firm for its $220 million expansion. 

Sylvia park’s Kiwi Property Group has joined up with the Buchan Group for the third consecutive year as it begins its latest project to extend the new Galleria.  

The expansion involves adding 60 specialty retail tenancies, a signature food court, an 8,000 square-metre double level department store, and 600 more car parks. The construction is expected to take two years since starting mid-March. 

This marks the third major project the Kiwi Property have worked with the Buchan Group, following its $19.2 million refurbishments in 2016 and NZ$9.1 million dining expansion, The Grove, the following year. 

Ranked sixth globally in Retail in the 2018 World Architecture 100 list and third among Australian practices, the Buchan Group is behind of the world’s most recognised retail, hotel, residential, entertainment, civic, and commercial projects.

Regarding Sylvia Park’s new centre, Auckland principal Robert McFarlane said he believed the design would complement Kiwi Property’s strategy to create a world-class town centre at Sylvia Park as well as attract international brands. 

“The Galleria’s design gives clear views inside – free of any visible structure – allowing customers to effortlessly orientate and move through the space with no need for extensive signs or wayfinding,” he explained. 

With hidden lighting and skylights to allow natural light in, McFarlane said the form and finishes of the interior would provide a backdrop that was “simple, calm and elegant.”

If McFarlane’s dreamy description and the recently released design plans are anything to go by, Sylvia Park is on the way to giving shoppers and retailers alike an experience they won’t forget.  

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