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Sweet sneaks: Deuce partners with Krispy Kreme

Hospitality often merges seamlessly with retail, and Deuce sneakers have proven it with a sweet collaboration between themselves and American doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme.

This Saturday, Deuce on Teed Street will be offering the first 1000 customers Krispy Kreme’s signature glazed doughnut, to celebrate the new collection launch.

Krispy Kreme opened on our shores this February, and has already cemented itself as an important part of Auckland’s food scene. The chain has done collaborations with retail partners before, but Deuce is one of Auckland’s firsts.

More chains are incorporating a hospitality aspect into their stores to draw customers in, providing a complete experience for the shopping trip.

The new Deuce collection includes loafer styles and a more street aesthetic. With the winter season dropping in time for the fast approaching colder weather. 

Doughnut day is on its way, but hurry as it is first in best feed this Saturday only.  

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